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Issue 42 August '13

Wednesday 28th August 2013

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Creek and Coast

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Chilton Chine

Where land meets sea

the cliff edge sprawls, beware rabbit holes,
crooked sign posts point to nowhere,
in this a topsy-turvey habitat.

Where land meets sea

faded sea-pinks, sorrel, marestail
brave the restless sea-wind
above the tight tufted grass.

Where land meets sea

waves lace the shore with cream
and further up the winding chine,
a depth of green disappears into dark,

while a red-hooded boy clambers up the slipping steps
and the sea, triumphant, waits to claim the land.

John, Pam, Lin, Silvana, Philip, Pam, Winifred, Pam, Steve, Dick, Lydia
Above Chilton Chine: 28.7.09