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Issue 42 August '13

Wednesday 28th August 2013

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Creek and Coast

The Path to the Sea

Past the rattle of maize
in the breeze,

the plant architecture
of carved blackthorn,

hawthorn berries
making bread and cheese,

columbine in bloom

precipitous glimpses
of the chine,

dappled light over
harts tongues,

sudden sideways view
green, yellow, white, blue

shining briony
deadly nightshade

shy secret sloes
in the hold of the wind-stunted hedge


we step out near the cliff edge, where trefoil clings,
we watch white horses racing for the shore, a shadow- scape of waves, a lost pink buoy, love letters vanishing
in the sand as a wrinkled sea washes all the words away.

John, Pam, Lin, Silvana, Philip, Winifred, Viv, Pam, Steve, Lydia, Dick
Footpath by Chilton Chine 28.7.09