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Issue 42 August '13

Wednesday 28th August 2013

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West Wight makes up approximately one third of the Isle of Wight. It is roughly defined as that area that falls to the west of a line drawn from Thorness Bay on the Island’s north coast to Shepherds Chine on the south.

The WWLP project area

Key facts:
  • It is a largely rural
  • It has a total coastline of 48 km
  • The Solent forms its northern coastline
  • The English Channel forms its southern coastline
  • Its largest settlement is Freshwater
  • About 60% is within the Isle of Wight AONB
  • 80% of its coastline is designated as Heritage Coast
  • It has a record of human habitation stretching back 425,000 years
  • Its soft clay cliffs are rich in dinosaur fossils
  • It has a substantial legacy of Victorian forts and batteries
  • It has long been the haunt of artists and writers

Tennyson Monument     (© National Trust)